Quality Guarantee


KunstLoft Quality Guarantee – our 7 promises to you

KunstLoft wants to make valuable art accessible to everyone and inspire you with handmade paintings and sculptures. We work according to high quality standards that we have set down into seven principles which you can measure us by.


1. Art is our focus

icon-p1 At KunstLoft we love art, which is why it is our number one focus. We work directly with artists and carefully select every single one of our motifs at art fairs. This way we avoid dealing with distributors and visit our art institutions in Asia several times per year.


2. Our paintings are all handmade

icon-p2 At KunstLoft we believe that art is always created by real people. This is why our paintings are all hand painted by trained professional artists in Asia. Only through a human hand does every picture become a work of art with a soul: simply genuine art. The consistent quality within our editions is made possible by the use of outline stencils, for example, through which the proportions of the motif are applied to the canvas before painting.


3. We exclusively use the best materials

icon-p3 In order to create beautiful artworks, artists need to use the best materials available. Not only do our artists exclusively use long-lasting lightfast paints that allow you to enjoy your artwork for many years, but we also pay close attention to the top standards in detail: Our high quality art canvases and stretcher frames come from FSC-certified sustainable forestry in Sweden and Germany.


4. Art is for everyone - that's why we set fair prices

icon-p4 Artworks inspire us, make us curious and can completely transform the energy of a room. We offer our handcrafted sculptures and handmade paintings at affordable prices because we want to make this experience accessible for all art lovers. We rely on professional artists from Asia who are specialised in painting and crafting interior design art. Our artists have mastered artistic techniques that enable a consistent quality in the creation of artwork editions.


5. We want you to be pleased with your purchase

icon-p5 Works of art from KunstLoft will be with you for a long time – we want you to be 100% satisfied with them. We offer a 100 day return policy on all of our artworks.


6. We don’t hide our art or our prices

icon-p6 The price that you see for an artwork on our website is the price you pay. No extra shipping costs in Germany and many other European countries.


7. You can enjoy our artworks right away

icon-p7 Making your artwork a part of your office or home should be as simple as possible - from the first click to your wall. We provide all our paintings with a practical hanging system and sell artwork that doesn't need an elaborate frame in order to shine. All our sculptures have either a matching base or a suitable mounting device for the wall.