Hanging Instructions

Our handy hanging guide makes it easy for you to place your favourite painting. The few steps are clearly explained and helpful tips are also given to help you easily and quickly place the work of art in the desired location.

Required material & tools





Step 1
Place your artwork at eye height (160cm)

2/3 of the painting below this mark, 1/3 above. If the painting is for example 90 cm high, the upper edge is 190 cm.


Step 2A
Painting’s width less than 100 cm

Determine the centre of the painting’s upper edge and mark this point on your wall using a pencil. Drill holes approx. 6 cm below that point.



Step 2B
Painting’s width greater than 100 cm

Starting from the centre of the painting’s upper edge, determine two points at a large distance from each other and mark them using a pencil. Drill the holes approx. 6 cm below below each point.



Step 3
Choose the correct wall mounting

Choose screws with a minimum length of 4 - 5 cm, as well as appropriate rawlplugs suitable for your wall.


Step 4
Drill the hole and fasten the screw

Drill depth = rawlplug length + 3 cm
Insert the rawlplugs and the screw and let the screw protrude approx. 1,5 cm.


Step 5

Readjust with the help of the mason’s level. Then enjoy the sight of your new painting.