1) General Questions

1.1) What is KunstLoft?

At KunstLoft we love art and have made it our mission to make paintings and sculptures affordable and accessible for everyone. We work directly with our artists and offer a large selection of artworks in various sizes and styles. Discover more about us and our quality guarantee.

1.2) What makes KunstLoft different from other online shops that sell handmade paintings and sculptures?

At KunstLoft we work directly with artist workshops and painters, never with unknown expensive art dealers. We carefully select the designs of our artworks, orienting ourselves on modern trends and making sure that every painting and sculpture meets our high standards. We then give each artwork the thorough presentation that it deserves on our website. 

1.3) Will my artwork look exactly the way it does in the photos on the KunstLoft website?

Since the artworks at KunstLoft are all handmade, both the paintings and the sculptures always have small but subtle differences - making each art object unique.

In order to guarantee consistent quality without having to rely on industrial production, we work with professional artists from Asia. These artists specialise in interior design art and use artistic techniques that enable a consistent quality in the creation of artwork editions (i.e. outline stencils through which the proportions of the motif are applied to the canvas before painting).

Thanks to the high-resolution photos from our photo studio, you can see every detail of each artwork before purchasing. 

Vergleich der Abweichungen

Deviations can be caused at most by varying screen settings that display the same colour in different nuances. To show some typical variations, we have compared four versions of each painting:


1.4) Are all of the artworks from KunstLoft really handmade?

Yes, all of the paintings and sculptures that KunstLoft offers are made by hand. We rely on professional artists based in Asia who have many years of experience in painting and crafting interior design art. They use artistic techniques that enable a consistent quality in the creation of artwork editions. These include, for example, the use of outline stencils, through which the rough proportions of the motif are applied to the canvas by hand before painting. This ensures that the proportions of each edition of a particular painting are kept consistent so that you receive the same motif that you first saw here at KunstLoft. You can seen an example of this creation process with our acrylic painting 'Dance of the Flamingos' here:

a) The creation process of our handmade paintings:

b) Finished paintings photographed in our photo studio:


1.5) Where do the artworks from KunstLoft come from?

Professionally trained artists with years of experience create our unique artworks in their studios. Thanks to our direct contact with our artists in Asia, KunstLoft can ensure that they are fairly compensated and enjoy adequate working conditions.

1.6) Are the paints and materials used non-toxic?

Yes, we use high quality paints and materials for our artworks. We explicitly use acrylic paint for our paintings because it is harmless to health and doesn't have a strong odour. Whenever we use oil paints for a motif, we are always sure to let you know in the painting's description. Learn more about the difference between acrylic and oil paints.

1.7) Do I need a frame in order to hang up my painting?

No, you don't need a frame in order to hang your KunstLoft painting. The borders of each edition are always painted in matching colours, so that hanging your artwork without a frame is even recommended.

1.8) Will my painting be ready for mounting upon arrival?

Yes, all KunstLoft paintings can be easily mounted right away thanks to the picture wire on the back. Interior designers love this hanging technique because depending on the wall, a nail is often the only material you need and it doesn't require boring several holes in the wall. Aligning your painting to hang straight once mounted is also conveniently easy with a simple picture wire. Our large format XXL paintings are delivered with a serrated suspension to mount them securely to the wall. We also provide a small level with the shipment for an optimal mounting process. You can learn more about hanging your painting in our hanging instructions.

1.9) What painting techniques are used to create KunstLoft paintings?

Here at KunstLoft we knew right away that we wanted to use acrylic and oil paints: Both techniques give the artist creative freedom and endless possibilities and have been used worldwide for decades and even centuries by renowned masters of every style and epoch. For more detailed information on this topic, please see our description of the differences between acrylic and oil paint.

1.10) Can I trust in the quality of the paintings and sculptures from KunstLoft?

JYes, we subject our valuable works of art to regular quality checks. Our high demands can only be met through direct contact with our artists. Our confidence in the quality of our paintings and sculptures is so strong that we guarantee a 100 day return policy for all of our artworks. Discover more about the quality guarantee that we measure ourselves by.

1.11) Can I arrange to view the artwork on site at KunstLoft?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. In order to offer our handmade sculptures and paintings at affordable prices, we purposefully avoid renting an expensive showroom. We prefer to make quality art accessible to everyone around the clock through our website.


2) Questions about Ordering

2.1) Do I need a customer account to order from KunstLoft?

No, you don't need a customer account to order from KunstLoft. You can choose whether or not you would like to set up an account during the ordering process. However, a free customer account has many advantages: You can view the status of your order at any time (including shipment tracking), manage your delivery and billing addresses and save your wish list for later.

2.2) How can I view the status of my order?

Under "My Account" you'll find the category "My Orders". You can view the status of your order here at any time.

2.3) How can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel the order of your artwork, please send an email with your order number to service@kunstloft.com. We can only cancel your order if it has not yet been received by our logistics partner. If the handover has already taken place, you can still return your painting or sculpture once it arrives. In this case, we will arrange for the return shipment with you free of charge.

2.4) What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten the password for your customer account, click "Forgot your password?" under "My Account" and request a new password. We will then send you a new, randomly generated password. You can change the new password once you have logged in to the Customer Area.

2.5) How can I change my password?

When you log in with your data under "My Account" you can change your password in the "User Information" section. You will be asked to re-enter your old password as well as your new password.

2.6) How can I change my email address?

Under "My Account" you can change your email address in the "User Informationen" section. All you need to do is enter your current password and your new email address.

2.7) Is my customer data safe at KunstLoft?

Yes, protecting your data is our priority. We protect our customer data according to the latest security standards. To find out what data we keep and how we store it, click here.

2.8) How do I delete my customer account?

If you would like to delete your KunstLoft customer account, please send an email to service@kunstloft.com. After your account has been deleted, we unfortunately won't be able to reload it. You will have to set up a new account.


3) Questions about Payment

3.1) Which payment options are available at KunstLoft?

At KunstLoft you can pay for your artwork easily and securely with prepayment, debit card, credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, installment payment, invoice or Amazon Payments.

3.2) When do I need to pay for my oder?

If you pay by credit card, the invoice amount will be debited immediately. With a debit card payment, your account with usually be charged within 1-3 workdays. A installment payment (powered by PayPal) involves a staggered payment in 6, 12, 18 or 24 monthly installments, whereby the first monthly installment is due earliest in 38 days. All of our other payment options will charge your account immediately after ordering. For more information please see our Terms of Payment.

3.3) Is my payment information and other data safe with you?

Yes, we handle payments according to current security standards and consistently ensure the protection of your data. Your credit card and customer account data will not be saved on our servers.

3.4) Do I have to pay customs or import duties if I order from an EU country?

No, your artwork will be sent simply and quickly from KunstLoft in Munich. You won't need to pay extra customs or import duties. No extra costs, no long wait time. We promise! For deliveries to Norway, you will have to pay the import duties directly.


4) Questions about Delivery

4.1) How long will it take for my artwork to arrive?

The delivery time for your artwork will normally take 3-5 days after you order from within the United Kingdom. Our forwarding agent carries out the delivery of our large-format XXL paintings within 5-7 days. You can find more details about our delivery times under our Shipping and Payment Conditions.

4.2) Do I need to pay for shipping?

You do not need to pay for shipping in the United Kingdom and many EU countries. There are additional costs for shipping to Norway. Find out more on our Shipping and Payment Conditions page.

4.3) How does KunstLoft send its artworks?

At KunstLoft we send our artworks in special transport-safe packaging with our logistics partners DHL and DPD. Our large-format XXL paintings are sent through a forwarding agent.

4.4) How are the artworks packaged for shipping?

We love our paintings and sculptures and will make sure that they get to you safe and sound. We send our artworks in specially made packages.

4.5) Can I pick up my artwork directly?

We have conceived an efficient and standardised shipping method in order to send you your painting or sculpture as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot pick up your artwork yourself.

4.6) Where is my order currently located?

In the email confirmation for your artwork, you will find a shipment or tracking number. Enter this number on the website of our logistics partner DHL or DPD to see where your order is currently located. If you have a customer account with KunstLoft, you can view the shipment tracking under the menu item "My Orders".

4.7) Do you ship outside of Germany?

Yes, KunstLoft offers free shipping to many EU countries. You can find out which countries we currently ship to on our Shipping and Payment Conditions page.

4.8) Can I have my artwork packaged as a gift?

No, unfortunately the transport-secure packaging cannot be combined with gift wrapping. However, you can buy a gift certificate at KunstLoft.

4.9) Can I have my artwork sent to a package station?

No, unfortunately not. The artworks from KunstLoft with their included transport-secure packaging are too large to be delivered to a package station.


5) Questions about Exchanges and Returns

5.1) What should I do if my artwork has been damaged during transport?

If your painting or sculpture has been damaged on its way to you, please send us an email with your order number at service@kunstloft.com. We will then send you a return slip so that you can send the painting or sculpture back to us at no further cost. If there are more editions of your selected motif available, we will naturally send you a new artwork.

5.2) How can I return my ordered artwork?

Under our return policy, you can return your purchased artwork within 100 days. We have summarised the returning process for you here. Please send us an email with your order number at service@kunstloft.com. We will then send you a return slip so that you can send the work of art back to us free of charge. 

5.3) What is KunstLoft’s return policy?

We at KunstLoft are confident in the quality of our artworks, which is why we guarantee a 100-day right of return on all offered paintings and sculptures.

5.4) Can I have my artwork picked up if I want to return it?

We can only offer a pick-up service for XXL paintings. We will put you in contact with our forwarding agent, who will then collect the large format paiting from you.

5.5) When and how do I get my money back?

As soon as we have received an artwork from a return shipment and we have inspected the item, we will arrange for an immediate refund. Payment will be made to your account or credit card depending on the payment method you choose. It will take a few days for your account or credit card to be credited and may vary from one bank to another. You will be refunded the full purchase price.


6) Other Common Questions

6.1) How can I contact customer service?

You can reach our customer service for all questions about KunstLoft, our artworks and your order Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at local rates (mobile phone prices may be more expensive) at 089 5484 7737. You are also welcome to contact our customer service by email at service@kunstloft.com.

6.2) Will KunstLoft use my customer data for advertising purposes?

Protecting your data is very important to us. We will never use your data without your expressed consent for advertising purposes. You can find more information in our Data Protection Regulations.

6.3) How can I inform you of problems with the KunstLoft website?

We are constantly working to improve our website. We are always grateful for any feedback about problems or mistakes, which you can inform us of at feedback@kunstloft.com.

6.4) I am looking for a particular motif - what can I do?

We are constantly expanding our selection at KunstLoft. If you are looking for a particular motif that we are not currently offering, we would love to hear from you at feedback@kunstloft.com.

6.5) I would like to work with KunstLoft - who can I contact?

If you are interested in working with KunstLoft, please contact kooperationen@kunstloft.com